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Serving Food

Project Bread


Through a grant from Project Bread, Central Boston Elder Services consumers who are experiencing food insecurity may receive up to two (2) thirty-dollar food vouchers (grocery store gift cards) per year to address their immediate needs for food.

There is no single solution to hunger. No one-size-fits-all approach. Often, no one is better positioned to understand and address a community’s unique needs than the people who live there. That is why Project Bread partners with community leaders and invests in established and innovative work that is addressing food-insecurity and hunger at the community level.


Doing What’s Needed

We bring different folks to the table: farmers, legislators, school food workers, community food providers, organizers of farmers’ markets, parents…all to continually craft more effective solutions in our communities. We partner with both private and government groups who operate effective programs throughout the state to evolve and implement even more effective solutions. By combining our resources and efforts, we maximize the impact of all we do.

–  Project Bread

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