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Our elders and the disabled need you! Your support can turn the life around of an elder with no one else. Become a part of the family that gives more than love, Central Boston Elder Services provides the connection to life saving care.

Contributions help by getting our clients back on track. Your gift, no matter how large or small, will keep the door open for an elder to stay at home where they are safe. When seniors and younger disabled come to CBES they may have fallen, had a major life crisis, become unable to get food or medical care and may have no family support. More often than not, they chose between food and prescriptions.

Bed linens and towels are like a luxury to an elder living on a fixed income, but are truly a necessity for a healthy comfortable home environment.  Contributions also go to basic essentials that elders may forego when they are struggling.  Dentures, hearing aids, shoes or toiletries can become impossible to purchase for a loved one left widowed by their soulmate of 50 years.

Make a difference today click to give below!

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