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Adult foster care (AFC)


AFC is a program for persons age 16 and older with physical or developmental disabilities who cannot live alone safely. AFC Members live with screened and trained Caregivers in an approved home setting in the community rather than a nursing home or other residential facility. AFC  Caregivers receive a stipend which is excluded from taxable income for the care provided.  Caregivers may be related to the Member, but cannot be the Member’s spouse or legally responsible person.

To Be Eligible for AFC

  • You must be age 16 or older, on MassHealth Standard or MassHealth Common Health Insurance, unable to live alone due to a medical, physical, cognitive, or mental condition.

  • Must require assistance to complete one of these activities: bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, mobility or eating.

  • Must live in the same home with the Caregiver and must not require full-time nursing care.

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