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Options Counseling

Options Counseling is a person-centered, individual decision support process that takes in the consumer’s needs, preferences, values, and individual circumstances. The Options Counselor is there to assist seniors age 60 and over, persons with disabilities of any age, family members and caregivers, individuals facing rehab or nursing facility admission and individuals entering or residing in a nursing facility who are not on MassHealth.

The counselors advise people who are soon to be discharged from a hospital or rehab facility; have been admitted to a long-term care facility following a hospital stay; are facing admission to or residing in a nursing facility, or can remain in the community if a family caregiver receives needed assistance.

Please contact our Options Counselors for more information or to make an appointment. They will visit you in your own home, meet you in the hospital, or meet with you in a nursing home or in a rehab facility. They are also available by telephone and email.

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